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It’s Tutu Tuesday, which means it’s time for another one of our monthly giveaways here at Tough Girl Tutus. We’re all about the power of the tutu, keeping it positive and supporting one another. We want to know, how does wearing a tutu make you feel on race day? Tell us in the comments below for your chance to win a Tough Girl Tutus of your choice and a bonus Tough Girl Tutus tank top. One lucky winner will be randomly selected next week as the winner. Winner will receive one Tough Girl Tutus tutu, valued at $29.99 and one tank top valued at $19.99.


In the spirit of tutu pride, here are our Top 10 Reasons Tutus Give Us An Extra Boost On Race Day.

  1. Wearing a tutu eases tension at the start line and becomes an instant ice breaker when INTERACTING with other racers. We feel good having a little distraction from pre-race jitters. 
  2. Tough Girl Tutus keeps it EASY - no need to fuss over safety pins and worry about your race bib staying in place during the race. Lightweight, flowing tulle and a built-in race bib keeps things in place so we can focus on our pace.

  3. Wearing Tough Girl Tutus gives us an extra boost of CONFIDENCE on the course. When we feel good about what we’re wearing, we feel good about ourselves.
  4. Whether donning a tutu as part of a costume, wearing one as a good luck charm, or just throwing on a tutu because we just want to - tutus are a STATEMENT we like to make on race day.

  5. PARTNERSHIPS and PHILANTROPHY not only give us something to run for, but keep us inspired. It’s a lot of fun to race for a cause, and it feels amazing to spread the word about wonderful organizations doing wonderful things.

  6. We like to keep things light and try not to take ourselves too seriously. All things are easier when they’re made to be FUN. How can you have anything but FUN in a tutu?
  7. Tutus make us SMILE. Tutus make others SMILE. Period.
  8. POSITIVE energy makes for POSITIVE results. Every time someone cheers for the tutus – whether fellow racers or supporters from the sidelines – we get an instant boost and pick up our stride. 

  9. Getting out and moving is reason to CELEBRATE enough, but a race day tutu is a great reward for all our days of training and putting in the miles. We CELEBRATE in a tutu on race day.
  10. Something NEW. If you’ve never run in a tutu, you won’t know the feelings you’ll have about it until you do. So, please, don’t knock it until you try it. And, when you do, we’d love to hear from you.

Sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States. It begins on 4/1/14 and ends on 4/8/14; the winner will be announced on 4/9/14. Winner will be selected randomly and notified via email. One entry per person. The value the prize is $49.98. Tough Girl Tutus products subject to availability. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. 

Written by julie knapp — April 01, 2014



I haven’t worn a tutu on race day yet, but I want to. I believe wearing a Tough Girl tutu embodies empowerment, living life to the absolute fullest, having a great time, expressing individuality, and allowing others to let their true selves shine.

April 01 2014

Lindy Boonstra:

Running tutus exude fun, comraderie, and confidence! It expresses that you are here for you, and you don’t give an eff what others think about you!

April 01 2014

Esti Corcoran:

Fun and flirty! I like the feminine aspect of the tutu for me! I also like the fact that my butt jiggle is covered nicely as well, lol!

April 01 2014


I haven’t run with a tutu yet but really want to. Why? Because why not? I may not have a runner’s body but I AM a runner. Running is fun and tutus are fun, so it just seems natural.

April 01 2014


Why run in a tutu? Built in race bib holder, cute flouncy skirt, what’s not to like? Besides, if a leading women’s magazine is going to make fun of women for wearing tutus, that just makes a tough girl like me want to race in them even more. Preferably pink!

April 01 2014

Alexis Lombard:

Running in a tutu shows you aren’t afraid to be strong and still quite a bit girly!

April 01 2014

jennifer judd:

I wore my first tough girl tutu at the army marathon this year and it brought a lot of smiles to people during a tough race with horrid weather. I think it gives people a little distraction to look at fun running attire. Why in the world would you not wear a tutu!!

April 01 2014


I’m a new runner! I’m working on my first 5K. I would love to sport a tutu!! EMPOWERING!!

April 01 2014


Because I am a warrior princess, and I’m not afraid to show it! GO BIG OR GO HOME!

April 01 2014


I wore a Tutu in the Jingle Bell race and I do believe it made me run faster. I love love love wearing my Tutu it gives me a feeling of being magical. I absolutely love the black one with red trim and I would be so proud to wear this in my next race. xoxoxxoxo

April 01 2014

Angela Weinheimer:

Tough Girl Tutus Rock! Definitely fun without being to poofy & love the bib holder! They lighten the stress of race day & I feel good wearing one :)

April 01 2014

Sherri Hoffman:

My hubby wants to be sure he can find me on race day. I know I am definitely going to stand out in a bright pink Tough Girl Tutu!!!

April 01 2014


Just ran the Diva Dash KC and loved seeing all the Diva’s in their tutu’s… I don’t have a tutu (yet) but am on the search so I can run the Trolley Run at the end of this month sporting a fun tutu of my own! Thanks girls!

April 01 2014

Ivette Cabrera :

When I was a little girl I took ballet because that’s what little girls were supposed to do. When I became a mother, my daughter took ballet because that’s what she wanted to do, and baseball and soccer and swimming. Seeing my daughter break all the gender role barriers as a child into young adulthood inspired me to live out my sports and fitness dream. I did my first race at 40 and it was an Olympic distance Triathlon. The Tutu reminds me the little girl and the big girl in me can do it all!

April 01 2014


Tough Girl Tutus make me feel feminine and FIERCE!!

April 01 2014

Ann Irvin:

I have my Tough Girl Tutu ready to wear for a may race along with my 70 and 66 year young friends. I know I will feel just like a little girl playing dress up with my best friends and I can hardly wait!!! It makes me feel spunky ;)

April 01 2014

Karen Holland:

I just bought my first tutu—a Tough Girl Tutu!! Cannot wait to race in it! I’m running a half marathon in May with a few of my fellow Emergency Department nurses—and it just seems right to wear a tutu for this huge accomplishment! Some of us have run this distance before, some have not—but what an amazing thing to all work hard, inspire and uplift each other in our training! To celebrate our awesome journey—we are all running in tutus:) They simply make me smile.

April 01 2014

Michelle Carter:

I need a tutu! I’ve seen so many and need one of my own. I think they give you special powers!!

April 01 2014


There are so many who think girlie girls are not tough, but anyone who can rock 26.2 in a tutu IS!!!!!! Tutus on race day prove you can be feminine AND FIERCE!

April 01 2014

J Engel:

I love how I feel girly and fierce, all at the same time, in a tutu!

April 01 2014

Heather W:

I am gearing up for my first Ragnar Relay and think my all-women teams would look awesome in matching Tough Girl Tutus. Nothing says team like matching tutus!

April 01 2014

Shara Alpern:

I envy people wearing them because they exude happiness and confidence!

April 01 2014


I know that when I wear a tutu on race day, it is GUARANTEED to make someone smile and one extra person smiling in the world is a good thing!

April 01 2014


I began wearing tutus as a promise to my Girls on the Run. That first run and every tutu clad run thereafter the tutu makes me feel like a powerful princess. Since that first run the tutu has taken on a life of its own in my life. I have become the #tutulady and well….I spread tutu spirit where ever I go!!

April 01 2014


Would love to wear a tutu on race day. If I can’t run in high heels the next best thing is a tutu!!!

April 01 2014


Tough Girl Tutus shows the world I am a secure woman who loves life, cherishes the strength found in running, and enjoys being an individual.

April 01 2014


Makes me remember to have fun!

April 01 2014


To look good…what else? ;)

April 01 2014

Anna Kaufmann:

I think it’s an inspiration and embodies the ide that I am a runner and I have worked hard to get here! Whether it is a 5k or 50k it shows the spirit of the running community!

April 01 2014


Tutu’s make you faster….DUH! Everyone knows that :)

April 01 2014


When I wear a tutu, I make my daughter’s smile, other runner’s smile and mostly, it makes me smile!

April 01 2014



April 01 2014


Tutu’s give me and others I am running with a boost cause they are fun!

April 02 2014

Amy peavysmith :

It makes me happy, eases anxiety so much that my triathlon coach suggested I maybe wear my favorite tutu during a recent triathlon so I did and not only did I have a blast I also won first place for my age group and qualified for nationals!! I have never even placed in my 3 years of racing triathlons so this was huge and of course stood atop the podium in my tough girl tutu! Would love to win another :)

April 02 2014

Jill Plamondon:

Unified with others wearing them (you know the fun not so serious people), fun!, brave, badass…and yes, I certainly have PRed in a TuTu!

April 02 2014

Rebecca M`:

Tutu’s are fun! They make me feel happy and the cheers I got when I wore one was over the top and got me to the finish line!

April 05 2014

Julie & Christina:

Tough Girls – that’s what each of you are. Thank you so, so much for your very inspiring words about how adding a tutu to your race day outfit helps motivate you. We’ve read each of your comments numerous times, and it makes us feel amazing to sell a product that makes people feel good. We are incredibly lucky to have such support from each of you amazing women, athletes and friends. Keep on rocking the tulle! Contest is officially closed, winner will be announced and contacted tomorrow.
Peace, Love + Tutus, Julie & Christina

April 08 2014


I am so honored to be running the Boston Marathon in a couple of weeks as part of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Marathon Challenge team. While I’m not going to win the race, I know I will be winning on behalf of so many friends, family, and colleagues with cancer. I’d LOVE to run as a tough girl.

April 09 2014


A tutu on race day would help me remember to relax and have fun!

May 13 2014


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