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This past weekend I, Julie, had a call from my good friend, Lisa, the day before a race. We had briefly discussed running an upcoming race a few weeks prior. I have put in very few miles this spring and have been far from consistent, so I just kind of nodded and said, "I don't think so. Maybe." I was unenthusiastic enough; I thought I'd successfully closed that chapter. It was a 13.7-mile run, more than a half marathon and all uphill. The idea of it was crazy to me. Time passed, I mean really passed...until the day before the race. Truly, I had thought I was off the hook. I had laughed off the idea of this race and hadn't given it another look. There was no way it was happening. 

She called the day before the race. I couldn't believe in her message she was telling me registration was going to close, so if we were going to do it we needed to sign up now. What? She was still considering it? I called her back with my numerous excuses - work is crazy, the kids are just out of school, I've logged no mileage, I'm not sleeping, I'm completely overloaded. In fact, I called her three times to say, no I didn't want to do the race. Each time I got off the phone, I reconsidered just long enough for my gut to tell me, "No, you're going to get hurt."

Then, I got this message: "C'mon, we'll throw on our tutus, we'll get to catch up, have a couple hours of peace and quiet without the kids, get some exercise and fresh air." You know how this story ends. She got me. I texted her...fine I signed up. I'll see you in the morning. I figured, I'll just walk if I can't run it.

So, I did it. We did it. And, got in almost 14 miles we wouldn't have otherwise. It was a really tough race for me. I walked some of the uphill, and I had some foot pain during the climb. But, we finished, and the soreness is gone a couple days later. Today, I'm feeling grateful for my friend giving me that extra push and pulling me out of the chaos to be spontaneous. An awesome friend and her motivation really helped shift my attitude. 

For a chance to win one of our new Tough Girl Tutus colors - Plum Purple, Royal Blue or Limeade - tell us about a running buddy or friend who motivates you! One lucky winner will be randomly selected next week as the winner. Winner will receive one Tough Girl Tutus tutu, valued at $29.99.

Sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States. It begins on 6/10/14 and ends on 6/19/14; the winner will be announced on 6/23/14. Winner will be selected randomly and notified via Facebook. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $29.99. Tough Girl Tutus product subject to availability. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. Facebook is in no way affiliated with this giveaway. 



Written by julie knapp — June 10, 2014



The person that motivates me the most is my husband. I have signed up for my first marathon this year. While he does not want to run a marathon he is always there to encourage me with positive words. I injured myself before my training even started and am now trying to play catch up. He is right there cheering me on every step of the way.

June 10 2014


It’s hard to pick one — I’m motivated by my running team! We have a private Facebook group, and share about our races, workouts, challenges, questions. I get lots of encouragement there, and helpful advice. So perhaps if I really must pick just one, it’s whomever posted most recently. :)

June 10 2014


My running buddy is my best friend since high school. Running brought us back together after college. We drifted apart during college, had babies, got married and moved away but when she moved back and wanted to do a mud run she called and said “let’s do this!!” Well from then on we have been running a race once a month for the past 3 years!! It’s our time to be “us” not mom, sister, wife, daughter, etc. We have inspired each other so much that I’m attempting a marathon in October!!

June 10 2014


Love the purple. I have the hot pink with black and a white one.
Makes running fun.

June 10 2014

Shara Alpern:

I find so much inspiration from the virtual friends on the Another Mother Runner strava group. Just seeing that they are out there kicking butt makes me happy.

June 10 2014

Amanda D. :

I couldn’t pick just one. All of the mamas in my MRTT chapter are so motivating and inspirational. When I get in a rut, I head out to run with the girls and immediately feel better.

June 10 2014

Judy Waters:

My running buddies give me inspiration on a constant basis. Whether its the fast crew or the run/walkers, they all have amazing attitudes and encourage each other in evey aspect of life…not just running! I am not a fast runner by any means, consistent 11:30-12:30 minute miles. I’m not as quick as the red group, but a bit quicker than the purple gtoup (run/ walkers), so I’ve even created my own color group, maroon! The best feeling is to see their faces at the end of the race cheering me and the others in the back on to the finish line. They didn’t forget about me!!!!

June 10 2014

Christi Maddox:

I am fortunate enough to have found a wonderful boot camp (Southside Chicas). We workout 3 days a week and just added a running day to help motivate each other. We hold each other accountable and I’ve been doing this for almost a year now. My blood pressure has come down, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and still counting. I also recently joined a running club (Moms Run This Town) that I never would have had the guts to join before. What a great group of women who encourage each other and are truly inspirational! I feel empowered and feel like I can conquer the world. A pretty tutu would be icing on the cake :)

June 10 2014

Jennifer Engel:

The person who motivates me the most is my husband because of the quiet day-in, day-out dedication he displays in training each year for Ironman.

June 10 2014

Smitha @RunningwithSDMom:

I am motivated by my entire Moms Run this Town San Diego group. They are so amazing and so enthusiastic about fitness. I love running with them because they get that being a parent is my number one priority but that it is also important to make time for ME and girlfriends! HUGE shoutout to MRTT SD!

June 10 2014

Amanda L:

My running motivation comes from my two wonderful children. I look at them and want to be the best mom I can be and running helps keep me balanced and active so I can be there for everything they need. I hope they will someday be inspired to run their first run with their mom and maybe a half someday!!

June 10 2014


I have two friends that talk me into signing up for races—often beyond my distance comfort zone. I’m really not sure how they do it.
For every day runs, however, it’s my white German Shepherd named Luna who nuzzles me to get up before the sun.

June 10 2014

Shelly P:

My sister motivates me to run. She convinced me to do a 5k with her last January. We were so impressed with ourselves for running the entire race and we were so excited to finish that we somehow missed getting our medals and had to fight our way back to the finish line! After that, we did a 10 mile race in October (no problem getting medals that time ;) ) and are planning a 1/2 in February. Since I am the older (ugh) sister, I have to train extra hard to keep up with her!

June 10 2014


After getting back into running after 6 years, I know that I will stick with it this time, because I have the best motivation! My mom & brother are runners too & my best cheerleaders. I’m also on the running team for my local running store & having group runs really helps get me out there, especially on days when I come close to skipping my run!

June 10 2014

Kelly Grondin:

My friend, Jocelyn. We tun together atleast oncea week and knowing i have her energy, positivity, and encouragement keep me motivated to show up and get the miles in. The girl talk and companionship are one of the best parts of my week!

June 10 2014

Erica Richards:

My BRF, Amy motivates me. She helped me train for my first half marathon 6 years ago. She supports me, gives me advise, tells me to step away from the edge when I’m panicked about a race, and I love our time running, chatting, and sweating together.

June 10 2014

Nancy Renken:

My friend Jen is an amazing person and runner. She is fit and fast, but she runs with a cardiac condition which resulted in her having had a heart attack about six years ago. Since then, she has become a vegan and has learned to run effectively for her condition. She inspires me and shows that even folks with serious health conditions can still be runners.

June 10 2014

Ellie T:

My children are my motivation. I run to be healthy, happy and set a good example for them. I my son had become a running with me and I draw strength from my daughter because even through she has Alopecia she does not let her define who she is.

June 11 2014


My running buddy and motivation is my dog, Emmie. She’s a 1-year old, white husky-lab mix. Her energy excites me be active, go for a jog and just get outside. After a long day of work, when I don’t want to go for a run, she gives me that “please, mom” look and I have to lace up my shoes. Even though I can only take her on short jogs at this age, her spirit gets me going and she is so excited when I come home after a long run, plop on the ground and accept doggie kisses from her. She motivates me to run so I can always be active and healthy! Training for the Zooma Women’s Half in Napa in a few weeks!

June 11 2014


My running buddy is a long distance one, my sister up in Oregon. She keeps me motivated by near-daily phone calls to discuss our runs and training plans and races. She is so supportive (she’d better be since she got me started in this crazy running thing!) and I love her to the moon and back. Oh and we rocked the hot pink tough girl tutus at Ragnar SoCal- our first race together!

June 17 2014

Ilyse :

My friend at work who, a few years ago convinced me I could run. Neither of us are particularly fast or log that many miles, but we try to encourage each other and run at least one race together. This year I declared we were getting tough girl tutus for it!

June 17 2014


I have a Facebook friend that’s disable and has competed in races using a handbike. This year she started doing Spartan Races and a marathon upright without the bike using arm crutches… We may not run together because she lives hours away but her training posts always inspire me to do more, because if she can do it using arm crutches I have no excuses.

June 17 2014

Mindy W:

A new friend of mine, Jessica, is completely inspiring to me. I’ve only known her 6 months but as I learn of what she’s attempted and accomplished, she leaves me in awe. In May, she attempted a 500 mile trail race. Unfortunately, she hurt her ankle on the monster tough course but didn’t call it until 200 miles in. She’s a shy person but that really covers up her determination and drive. I don’t know that she would wear a tutu, but she is one tough girl!

June 18 2014

Tough Girl Tutus:

Congrats to Shelly P, you are the June contest winner! Thank you all for participating and check back in July for the next contest! – Julie & Christina

Shelly writes:
My sister motivates me to run. She convinced me to do a 5k with her last January. We were so impressed with ourselves for running the entire race and we were so excited to finish that we somehow missed getting our medals and had to fight our way back to the finish line! After that, we did a 10 mile race in October (no problem getting medals that time ;) ) and are planning a 1/2 in February. Since I am the older (ugh) sister, I have to train extra hard to keep up with her!

June 25 2014

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