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Happy July!

We're giving away a tutu.  For this month's giveway, tell us about a favorite running route and why you love it.  We'll select a winner next week.

This morning I ran with an old friend.  Her name is Sarah and we grew up just a few miles apart in a small Vermont town.  Funny enough, we missed each other by a few years in high school and met just 6 years ago in Northern Wisconsin.

I call Sarah an old friend because she feels like an old friend.  We trade stories and share memories from our hometown, and over the past 6 years we've shared some good laughs and good conversations while running together.

Our route this morning took us through deep pines, a 9-hole golf course, shaded streets, an old snowmobile trail grown over with long grass, and looped back to our starting point.  One hour and eight minutes later, we congratulated ourselves on running for longer than we would typically run on our own.  It didn't feel like an hour had passed.  But it had, and we covered a lot of ground talking about family, plans for the Fourth, careers, friends, World Cup soccer. It's amazing what you can cover in one hour.

My favorite part of this route is the overgrown snowmobile trail that winds deep through the woods.  About half-way through there is a green, rectangular road sign (for snowmobilers) nailed to a pine tree. The sign reads "All-In Ave".

It's hard to count the number of times I've run past "All-In Ave".  And the number of times I've paused mid-step to read the sign, smile, and tell myself I'm "All-In".  "All-In" for this moment. For this day. For this life. 

"All-In Ave" is one of my favorite running routes.  It can be still or breezy, quiet or bustling with birds, lush green or stark white with snow or blanketed with crisp colored leaves.  It feels different yet familiar each time.

For a chance to win a Tough Girl Tutus, post a comment below about a favorite running route and why you love it so much. One lucky winner will be randomly selected next week as the winner. Winner will receive one Tough Girl Tutus tutu, valued at $29.99.

Sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States. It begins on 7/02/14 and ends on 7/09/14; the winner will be announced on 7/10/14. Winner will be selected randomly and notified via Facebook. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $29.99. Tough Girl Tutus product subject to availability. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law. Facebook is in no way affiliated with this giveaway. 


Written by Christina Schleicher — July 02, 2014


Kristina Mullenix:

My favorite running route is in my old town that I moved from. I miss it very much. It was a trail of about 7 miles, and went around two man-made lakes. The park was in town, but felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. It had wide, unpaved trails lined with trees and flowers and nature…and the lake and a menagerie of geese & ducks, of course! It had super-challenging hills- which often made me hate them in the heat of the moment, but I loved the challenge of conquering those hills. It also had flat spots. I loved grabbing my mp3 player, keys and bottle of water and hitting the trails. It made me feel strong and proud of myself to conquer those hills, and the nature aspect soothed my soul after a rough day at work.

July 02 2014

Jill Plamondon:

My favorite running route is one I take on easy 10 milers. It seems the sun is always shining when I run it. It has three huge hills and one steep country road that I actually get to walk to prepare for an ultra race. I am surrounded by rolling country and orchards along the way, and with each happy step I can tell myself that this isn’t a speed day. It’s a controlled pace day with a mulberry tree in late summer that I get to enjoy. And okay, when I run down the hills I get to see under eight minute pace on my Garmin—which just makes me laugh.

July 02 2014


My favorite running route brings me through my parent’s neighborhood, past the high school where I ran cross country several decades ago, and up several of the famous Newton hills from the Boston Marathon course (there’s a statue of Johnny Kelly along the route, too). I’ve run variations of the route to add or subtract mileage, and in all cases there’s something special about running through places with so many memories.

July 03 2014

Denise :

I had a gastric bypass and have lost over 100 lbs! In February I plan on running the Princess half marathon ( my first marathon ever!) with my identical twin daughters who are 27 and my best friends! It’s been an incredible journey. My new found love is running! Never would I have believed that I could do this! How awesome would it be to wear. Tutu! Please!

July 08 2014


My favorite run is a trail run in the woods near where I live. It’s a mountain bike trail with bridges and whacky obstacles. There is an old diving board that has been turned into a giant see saw that is awesome to run across – the boom of the see saw echo’s through the woods. Its good to give a few regular good screams to scare off all the deer and bears because running into one in the woods will literally make your heart bang out of your chest. I think a electric colored running tutu would be pretty fantastic to wear in the woods during hunting season too!!

June 28 2015


My favorite route is in a park called Garden of the Gods. It is a very hilly run filled with beautiful red rocks and lots of nature. It is my happy place, even though half of the time I am struggling to catch my breath :) Earlier this week when I was running, I came across a herd of bighorn sheep. I am training for a marathon in September and would love to have a bright colored tutu to wear!!

June 17 2016

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